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I want to repay the principal

There was a man who has been successful in life and he wants to repay his mother. This man went to see her mother and told that he would like to respond to all the sacrifices his mother for this. "Whatever the mother to be, I'll buy," he said. The mother just smiled and said, "Mom does not want any," But the children still ask. "Whatever the mother. Say. I'll buy. "

Standing also answered no. Whole day was also the son persuaded his mother. Finally she said, "Mom wants you to sleep along with her tonight, be?" Really strange request, but because his mother had promised, he agreed. That night, the child accompanies her mother lay in bed.

Being fast asleep, she took a large glass of water and then menjirus the thigh of the child causing him to wake up from sleep. Without saying anything to switch places the child, shuffle to the bottom of the bed. Interval of an hour later, his mother once again a big glass of water poured into her thigh. The children woke up and felt a bit upset, she asked her mother why water poured into pehanya. "Nothing," replied the mother.

The child back to sleep again after changing his position. When he was in a state of sleep, once again she poured a large glass of water on the same side. This time the child became angry and snapped, "What is the capital? What do mothers try to do this? I want to sleep! Why pour cool water near the groin? "Smiling, she replied," Just now, you want to repay the principal said. Every night when I was little, you always urine during sleep.

"Mother, wake up and change your diaper. After that, your mother over to a dry place because the place had been exposed to wet your urine. Not once but several times over many years. How do you want to repay the principal, if one night you do not have to be patient and endure? "The child was silent and humble frame of mind.
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